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360° Brand Experiences for purpose-driven, boutique & leisure businesses - with a fun edge 

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Reach your full potential by maximising your brand experience.

A brand experience is what your customer, client, synergy partner, investor, the cat's mother - whoever - feels throughout interacting with your brand.


This could be for five minutes.

Or for five years.


It could also be in person.

Or online.

This it what builds a connection between them and you.

So you want to make it count!

Branding | Websites | Experiences | Social Media | Branding | Websites | Experiences | Social Media Branding | Websites | Experiences | Social Media | Branding | Websites | Experiences | Social Media | Websites | Experiences | Social Media | Branding | Websites 


brand experience 

Your Brand Experience can be represented in so many different ways from:

Your branding as a whole - does it match your product/service or ideal client?



Your digital presence from social media to your website



Your tangible branding including, events, in-person meetings, gifts, products etc



Your delivery and process of dealing with a client during a purchase, a success and a failure


Anain Studio is a

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what we do

Branding Services 

A brand is what represents your business and how it makes people feel. It´s what attracts people to your business over others in your niche.


It is the story of your business: visually, written and in actions.


When starting a new business it is important to know what you want your brand to represent. It will also help make everything else you do much easier.


A brand can also develop as a business develops - you can sometimes outgrow your original brand.


This is why we offer brand packages for new businesses looking to make their dreams a reality, as well as those looking to refresh to suit their journey now.

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sweet talk

"If you are lucky enough to work with Liv you will have zero regrets.


Not only did she do an incredible job of our branding and website, but she is also a joy to work with and always goes over and above. Her passion and enthusiasm for the project made her feel instantly like a member of the team and I couldn’t recommend her more highly"

Anna Sacre, Galatea Recruitment 


We are a collaborative brand and work together WITH you throughout the process. 
We will work directly with you most steps of the way from start to finish whether it is a monthly retainer, one-off project or any other capacity. 

We work with

What to expect when working together 
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let's make magic happen

Apply to work together in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know what services would suit you and if we are a good match! 

What can we help you with?

Meet the


If she hasn't got her laptop open on the table or phone in her hand, you will most likely find her eating dessert or lifting weights so she can eat more dessert.

Living on the dream island of Mallorca, Olivia moved here after starting her career in London at a well-known luxury yacht brand in a very fun "work hard, play hard" Marketing and Events team.


After moving to Mallorca to be with her partner, Olivia has worked in a range of industries - although hardly escaping the yachting industry!


From working with yachts to a short but sweet stint on a yacht to then working back in the marketing and events industry, then moving on to running a Mediterranean boat club - it is safe to say Olivia has seen her fair share of rough seas and adrenaline cruises in business and real-life!


With over 8 years of experience working within the marketing & events world for high-end brands between SMEs and new businesses, Olivia decided to start Anain Studio to help more companies reach their true brand experience.

contact us

+34 655 496 994

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visit us

We´re based on the sunny island of Mallorca (lucky us!), if you are too and would prefer to talk business over a coffee, drop us a whatsapp so we can arrange. 


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Make sure to follow us to see behind the scenes footage, learn more about social media, websites, branding and more. 

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